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  • Anne-Camille Khelalfa

🌈 Tuesday, May 16, 2023: A day of gifts 💐🎁

Many of us probably have memories of struck and unpleasant teacher who turned out to became our favorite ...

When I arrived in this public school and in my current class... This is the advice that some teachers, gave me to avoid difficulties and inconveniences : "Don't let anything go at the beginning", " Be very strict, otherwise they overwhelm you" ...

If I thanked them for their advice conceded with the best intentions but, it is precisely the opposite that I was preparing to do. Impacted by a succession of absences, substitutes and placed in every classrooms of the school, above all, I had the plan to making them sure that they could now feel safe and secure in their class with their teacher. The establishment of this kindness framework is the foundation of a harmonious and efficient learning. This has its sources in John Bowlby's attachment theory and is one of the structuring elements of a collaborative approach which privileges cooperation between adult and child (student and teacher) rather than obedience.

We have come to know each other and continue to do so. They tested the limits of this framework, my limits and I reminded them of the rules of this framework. Through class life, our exchanges, my reactions, theirs, we have become familar with each other and to work together ... It seems with a mutual delight!

And today, I had been spoiled ...

A necklace offered without any particular reason by a student. So touching !

A secret revealed: "Teacher, I know that normally, I'm not allowed to. But as I trust you, I will tell you ...! Look, I have a snake in my pocket (plastic!!)".

And then, I assist to a wonderful scene...

For several sessions and since children came back to school from spring break, they used their bikes for sports class. I noticed that one of them was having difficulty riding a bike and probably never learned. So I helped her as we teaches a small child to ride a bike while the other students were busy with their workshops.

I congratulated and pointed out to the progress she was making while the others were busy with their obstacle courses. The other children far from making jokes, began to encourage her, too. I heard "Go ahead, you'll make it, trust yourself", "Congratulations, you'll make it you'll be able to join us ! ", "Teacher, she can join us now, right? In reality, not really... but it doesn't matter... What a lovely scene ... !

The personalities and family environment of children are obviously the primary cause of these reactions. However, the school environment is also a huge source of social learning. In this learning, words and lessons of morality are nothing compared to the experience lived through what emerges from the systems in place, from adults, from their ways of apprehending the world, of behaving, of reacting...

A century ago, Maria Montessori, without any scientific tools, except a sharpened capacity for observation, had noted the immense impact on learning of what she called "the absorbent mind". It constituted one of the foundations of the construction of her pedagogy. Years later, the discovery of mirror neurons gave scientific substance to this observation, at the same time it affirm the inefficiency of "do what I say but not what I do".

Children simply absorb their environment to make it theirs.

No punishments given, no notes in the book for parents, no need to be feared by students to be respected ... Maybe exactly the opposite to leave those things !

🌈 A day of gifts ... 💐 🎁

See you soon!

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